One of the reasons requests are on hiatus at the moment! Learning dead languages is fun, but time consuming. 

And if you’re wondering: Hey, is this increase in senseless photos of your boring life to do with your growing mania due to a lack of socialising? Then yes. Yes it is. 

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    "Learning dead languages is fun, but time consuming." — redcigar
  3. greyssurgeons said: Oooh I loved latin so much at first, too! Idk somehow you feel very intelligent after a bit? And those little myths are very interesting. c: But translating Cicero and Seneca is pure horror to me. :(
  4. horriblycheerful said: *Insert wide, “I’m in awe” eyes here*
  5. venomousflames said: This is interesting tho! Do you like latin so far? (Your notes look so neat).
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