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kill the king/throne the queen;
jacqueline; 22; australian

 —  forth

'a slow smile' by redcigar@8tracks

for female monsters, killers, creatures, and sinners. 

10 . 11   8tracks    redcigar    music    a slow smile    creepy 

'little footsteps'

a mix of sweet things by redcigar @8tracks

8 . 4   8tracks    music 

dust from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.


a study mix by redcigar @8tracks

7 . 10   8tracks    study    writing    music    mix 

quiet from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.


a post-apocalyptic mix for sitting in the debris, after the end of all things 

by redcigar@8tracks

6 . 4   8tracks    music    apocalypse    post apocalyptic    redcigar 

the dark from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

'the dark' 

a mix by redcigar@8tracks

4 . 19   8tracks    music    mix 

i am fierce from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

'i am fierce' a mix for enjolras/grantaire

now on redcigar@8tracks

1 . 20   les miserables    grantaire    enjolras    e/r    les mis    music    8tracks    fanmix 

brine from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.


a mix for sirens, mermaids and seafaring things @ redcigar.8tracks

1 . 10   8tracks    redcigar    music    mermaids    sirens 

welcome home from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

'welcome home' 

a mix for rainy evenings in the common room by redcigar@8tracks

12 . 2   redcigar    8tracks    music    hogwarts    harry potter    fst    fanmix 

'we, the reaped'

a mix by redcigar@8tracks for the tributes of Panem

11 . 27   redcigar    8tracks    music    hunger games    tributes    fst    the tributes    the hunger games 

resurgam from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

'resurgam', a mix by redcigar@8tracks 

11 . 16   redcigar    8tracks    music    mix    dreams    whimsical    instrumental 

start a war - a Roy Mustang/Ishbalan War fanmix
lyrics and download / 8tracks

9 . 17   8tracks    YES OK I'M STILL HAVING FMA FEELS DON'T JUDGE ME    fanmix    fma    fst    fullmetal alchemist    ishbal    ishval    judge me a little    music    roy mustang    fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood    brotherhood 

mother, i’m here - a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fanmix
lyrics and download / 8tracks

9 . 14   fullmetal alchemist    fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood    brotherhood    fma    fanmix    fst    music    8tracks    edward elric    alphonse elric    redcigar