'a slow smile' by redcigar@8tracks

for female monsters, killers, creatures, and sinners. 

'little footsteps'

a mix of sweet things by redcigar @8tracks


a study mix by redcigar @8tracks


a post-apocalyptic mix for sitting in the debris, after the end of all things 

by redcigar@8tracks

'the dark' 

a mix by redcigar@8tracks

'i am fierce' a mix for enjolras/grantaire

now on redcigar@8tracks


a mix for sirens, mermaids and seafaring things @ redcigar.8tracks

'welcome home' 

a mix for rainy evenings in the common room by redcigar@8tracks

'we, the reaped'

a mix by redcigar@8tracks for the tributes of Panem

'resurgam', a mix by redcigar@8tracks