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kill the king/throne the queen;
jacqueline; 22; australian

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2 . 6   the hunger games   panem   district 4   district four   finnick odair   annie cresta   my graphics   photoset 

11 . 7   annie cresta    the hunger games 

8 . 11   the hunger games   hunger games   annie cresta   district 4   district four   fishing   photoset   my graphics 

6 . 3   panem   district 4   fishing   finnick odair   annie cresta   the hunger games   photoset   my graphics 

poor, mad girl

5 . 9   annie cresta    the hunger games 

5 . 6   warming to the idea of jesse williams as finnick actually    the hunger games    finnick odair    annie cresta 

5 . 4   annie cresta   the hunger games 

4 . 16   FUCK   NO   GOD   GO AWAY   AJSDHAJSHDA   finnnnick   annie cresta   finnick odair   the hunger games 

4 . 11   annie cresta   the hunger games   uuuuuugh 

Catching Fire Dreamcast Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Annie CrestaMax Irons as Finnick OdairPhoebe Tonkin as Johanna Mason

4 . 1   yes    good    johanna mason    finnick odair    annie cresta    catching fire    the hunger games 

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“So that’s who Finnick loves, I think. Not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol. But a poor, mad girl back home.”

summer glau as annie cresta

3 . 30   catching fire    the hunger games    annie cresta    ANYONE BUT ZOOEY DESHANEL 

3 . 26   the hunger games   finnick odair   annie cresta