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kill the king/throne the queen;
jacqueline; 22; australian

music for invading dreams to

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10 . 17   inception    fst    fanmix    music    mix    electronic 

dust from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.


a study mix by redcigar @8tracks

7 . 10   8tracks    study    writing    music    mix 

the dark from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

'the dark' 

a mix by redcigar@8tracks

4 . 19   8tracks    music    mix 

resurgam from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

'resurgam', a mix by redcigar@8tracks 

11 . 16   redcigar    8tracks    music    mix    dreams    whimsical    instrumental 

stay with me - a mix for Roy Mustang’s most trusted men

lyrics and download

9 . 28   music    fanmix    mix    fst    fullmetal alchemist    fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood    brotherhood    roy mustang    riza hawkeye    jean havoc    maes hughes    amestris 

echoes from redcigar on 8tracks Radio.

echoes - a 2hr instrumental mix to study to

by redcigar@8tracks

9 . 5   8tracks    music    mix    study    instrumental 

shadows from redcigar on 8tracks.


a creepy-soft mix by redcigar@8tracks

8 . 7   8tracks    mix    music    shadows    creepy    magic 

waves from redcigar on 8tracks.


an ocean-themed mix by redcigar @ 8tracks

7 . 23   8tracks    fst    mix    music    water    ocean    sea 

roll down your window from redcigar on 8tracks.

roll down your window by redcigar@8tracks

almost an hour and a half of music for a post-apocalyptic road trip

5 . 21   8tracks    music    zombie apocalypse    zombies    fst    mix    apocalypse    dystopia    dystopian    road trip 

valleys from redcigar on 8tracks.

'valleys' by redcigar@8tracks

2 . 17   8tracks    music    recs    mix