+ fringe braid and green eyeshadow. Normally I don’t wear much make up beyond foundation but this year I’m trying new things. 


WIWT to… read Scullard and be in a good mood, basically. 

WIWT for uni and to argue with the winter weather. If I could marry this coat I would, it is amazing. Not pictured: knee high brown boots. 

WIWT to resent jet-lag and play boardgames with friends. 

What I saw during my 2.5 week holiday (AKA: Why My Mother is a Machine and My Feet Really Hurt) 


Trafalgar Square / Globe Theatre / Temple Church / Tower of London / Hampton Court / Windsor Castle / Goodrich Castle / Warwick Castle / Hay-on-Wye / 221b Baker Street / Westminster Abbey / Waddesdon Manor  / Bath (+ Roman Baths)


Les Invalides (+ Tomb of Napolean) / Chateau de Versailles / Eiffel Tower / The Louvre / Le Musée de Moyen-Age / Notre Dame  / L’Opera / Galleries Lafayette 

WIWT for an old friend’s engagement party!

WIWT to get an internship!

WIWT to play the Game of Thrones board game with friends. It’s very cold in Australia at the moment, so I’ve had to break out the Oversized Winter Jumper of Awesome. 

WIWT. Because why not? (Don’t answer that).