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This statue of Augustus, aka, Octavian, I find pretty hot. The first Roman emperor and adopted by his great uncle, Julius Caesar, he was known to be shrewd and cold, but also brilliant and had a forte in politics

*applaudes* Augustus is my main man.

nah man Vespasian is where it’s at

man was the original dudebro


Now, I know Leonardo da Vinci has already been put up here, but I think only a few people have seen this picture of a sculpture done by his master, Andrea del Verrocchio. It’s a statue representing David, with the head of the recently slain Goliath at his feet. What’s interesting about this sculpture is that, according to the ideals of Renaissance Italy, David was always supposed to be depicted as a handsome youth, and, would you know it, Verrocchio had the perfect specimen, right there in his workshop amongst his apprentices!

Yes indeed: a young (and very good-looking, in a boyishly handsome kind of way) Leonardo da Vinci became the model for David in Verrocchio’s statue. If one has only ever seen the famous self-sketch of Leonardo as an old man and thus doubts his status as a very crush-able person, well, this statue ought to change their minds by quite a bit.

Harry Potter Books 2-7. Russian “Adult Edition” (by Maria)


graphic submitted.


Renée Vivien


I may be making prints of this design soon. I have many others on my blog, go check it out!

Dirty Harry